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“Sam has been working with the team at Pathways for almost 5 years. The progress Sam has made is remarkable! He started out at 3 and was non-verbal, now at 7.5 he is speaking in short sentences and continues to progress every week.

The thing that is remarkable to me is how Sam’s face lights up when we tell him we are headed to Pathways – he loves his weekly visits and that because the team at Pathways truly care and treat him like family. They know how to make the sessions fun and engaging, so even though Sam is working hard he still enjoys his time at the clinic.

Tanya and the team have not only supported Sam but also provide support, encouragement and care for our entire family. We look forward to continuing working with the Pathways team as we know they will help Sam reach his full potential!”


Pathways Pediatrics TestimonialWe have attended Pathways for the last 2.5 years. What a life changing experience it has been, my son has come leaps and bounds with the love, support and encouragement he receives from the whole team.

Danielle is a perfect fit for Rocco, they have an amazing relationship and she helps him reach all his goals.

Syrina is also a part of our team, showing such patience and love. Rocco wouldn’t be where he is today without Pathways and the team.

We are forever thankful for the opportunity to work with them and how they give my son the chance he deserves.


Our 4 year old son has been working with Danielle for the past five months and we have nothing but great things to say about her. From the very first session, it was obvious that Danielle is passionate about what she does and she quickly formed a bond with our usually shy little guy. Danielle is friendly, patient, and celebrates each success as much as we do. We’ve done some therapy sessions virtually and I have been impressed by how quickly she adapts her plan based on how things are going in order to keep the session engaging. She clearly communicates goals, strategies, and how we can provide speech support at home. We’ve already noticed a huge difference in our son’s speech sounds and, perhaps equally as important, his confidence in using those sounds. We are so happy to have Danielle as our SLP and highly recommend her.

Andrea M

Pathways Pediatrics is the kind of place you don’t hesitate to recommend to any parent. My 4 year old daughter has been seeing Monique for speech therapy and she’s always excited to go.

Monique’s ability to blend playtime with therapy time makes it easy for my daughter to work on her speech without it feeling like work.

Because of Monique’s gentle correction and positive encouragement, I now have friends and family members commenting on how much easier it is to understand what my daughter is saying.

And being able to continue to work with Monique through teletherapy has been wonderful. It’s been a seamless transition from in-person to online sessions and the quality of the session hasn’t diminished at all. My daughter is just as excited to see Monique and she’s still progressing and learning as much as she would in-person.

The professionalism, kindness and passion Monique demonstrates through her work is exactly what you hope for in your children’s teachers.


Speech therapy with Danielle at Pathways has been a transformative experience for our entire family. When my daughter started therapy, shortly after her second birthday, she didn’t talk at all. Before therapy at Pathways, helping my daughter with her speech was a stressful and uncertain experience. She was unable to express herself and we had a difficult time understanding what she wanted and needed.

Once therapy started, Danielle worked hard to gain her trust and build a positive relationship. Danielle made therapy fun and productive for my daughter. Danielle was also patient with me as a parent. She always took the time to answer all my questions and address my concerns. She took my input seriously in the therapy process and has helped me become a strong advocate for my daughter.

A few months into therapy, my daughter completed an assessment and was diagnosed with Apraxia. Danielle and the rest of the team at Pathways were supportive and compassionate throughout the process. They took the time to answer all my questions and helped set out a clear therapy plan rooted in current research and best practices. Apraxia is a complex speech issue and I believe Pathways is the best clinic in the city for treatment. They take an evidence-based and collaborative approach that is second to none.

As a result of therapy at Pathways, Eloise is a more confident and happy child. She is able to speak and use her words to communicate with the people around her. Going to speech therapy is the highlight of the week. She loves learning through play, even when therapy is challenging. Thank you to the staff at Pathways. The support from Pathways has changed my daughter’s life. In addition to seeing huge strides in her ability to speak and communicate, I have seen such a positive impact on her social and emotional development.


Ms. Monique has been absolutely wonderful with our son. From the first time they met they developed a special bond and he has thoroughly enjoyed every single speech therapy session…so much so that he thought it would be fun to invite Ms. Monique to his birthday party! I am a firm believer that children cannot learn without feeling secure and comfortable in their learning environment and Ms. Monique has provided those things and more to ensure that learning is always fun, safe, and meaningful. Our son has shown improvement in his speech and has also become aware of the little things that he needs to work on, but also feels confident and secure in himself. Thank you Ms. Monique!


“My son is severely delayed in both receptive and expressive language and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was four years old. We had some supports coming from FSCD but were on a waiting list to start services. In the meantime, I was looking for a summer day camp geared toward helping special needs kids that my son would be interested in. I came across an ad for Summer Speech Camp at Pathways Pediatric Centre and contacted them right away.

From the start, we felt very comfortable with the staff. We had the pleasure to meet with Tanya and Mike as well as the rest of the team. The level of experience they all had made us feel at ease and excited to get started. My son attended two half-day weekly sessions of Speech Camp and absolutely loved it. He is very shy and doesn’t adapt to change very well; however, he was very excited to go to camp and waved good-bye to me without hesitation. Daily communication was great and my son got a lot out of the two weeks he was there. For the amount you pay and the amount of service you get, it is truly the best value. I’m very excited for my son to come back for the next Summer Speech Camp!”

Ruth & Justin L

“My Daughter has been with Tanya for more than 2 years and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for her my daughter would probably not have transformed to the happy and outgoing little girl that she is today. My daughter actually looks forward to her weekly session and doing the work at home afterwards. I have also seen a lot of progress both in her ability to communicate and comprehend over the last 2 years. If you are looking for a GREAT Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who loves working with children, look no further.”


“Tanya is a natural at what she does. She has a true gift of ease while she handles such difficult speech disorders. Our son has apraxia of speech and I was beyond nervous to have him meet yet another SLP, but I knew we had to try at least meeting her because we heard great things about her when she held her summer camps. Gray and Tanya bonded within their first visit and that says and means a lot to Gray and our family!

Since August, we have traveled to Calgary every other month to ‘play’ with Tanya for at least three consecutive days. Then this past January we moved to Calgary for the entire month just to have a solid amount of time with her. By the end, it was hard to leave and Gray left saying ‘I love you’ to Tanya!

Every session with Tanya is seamless. She is fun, flexible, intentional and a true light in our life through this journey. She has taught me so many tips and tricks and has shared so many resources with me. I feel understood by her with all my fears and concerns and she makes me feel so confident that every step we’re taking is going in the right, successful direction.

The first time I spoke with Mike on the phone he told me his wife is amazing at what she does. I 100% agree. Tanya is an amazing SLP and she has helped my son and our family so much through this life-changing apraxia journey. “

The Nichols Family – Medicine Hat, AB

“My 3 year old son attended two weeks of speech camp last summer. In the two weeks he made a lot of gains in his speech and had a lot of fun too! Although he had never worked with any of the therapists before he seemed to form instant connections with them. Everybody I met was so welcoming of our son and our family. We were also provided with a lot of practical tips and resources to help us at home. We can’t wait for camp this year!”


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