Early Childhood Services Funding Application

Welcome to the Pathways / Lead Foundation Partnership

Pathways Pediatrics has partnered with Lead Foundation to provide access to funding support from Alberta Education’s – Early Childhood Services (ECS) division. You are here because a Pathways therapist has recommended an assessment be completed for your child. 

Children who are diagnosed from a Speech-Language Pathologist, Physical Therapist, Behaviour Specialist or Psychologist, and/or an Occupational Therapist with a delay and/or disability impacting their safety or ability to learn, may be eligible for therapy funding from Alberta Educational Services.


Base on your child’s needs there is a minimum amount of in classroom instructional hours per school year required to qualify for funding. Once the assessment is completed and scored we will be able to determine what category your child will be supported under.

Minimum Instructional Hours per School Year 

2 years; 8 months – 300 hrs.

3 years; 8 months – 400 hrs.

4 years; 8 months – 475 hrs.

Pathways therapists collaborate with your teachers to develop a program focused specifically on the individual needs of each child.


If yes, please provide the following information

If yes, please provide the following information

Speech and Language History

Prenatal and Birth History

Social/Play History


Does your child understand


Fine Motor Skill History (OT)

Funding Services